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Cognitive Pursuits LLC

Improve your mental
health & enhance your mental performance

A Cognitive Behavioral  Approach to Therapy

for Athletes & High Achieving Professionals  


It is possible to simultaneously pursue your goals & prioritize your healing. 

Therapy sessions at Cognitive Pursuits may be right for you if...

Cognitive Pursuits

You would like to address your anxiety, depression, substance use, or other mental health concerns in a setting that takes into account the unique context of your athlete or professional lifestyle and goals.

Cognitive Pursuits

You are seeking a safe, empathetic space to discuss current issues in your life, process difficult emotions, and/or make meaning and heal from past experiences.

Cognitive Pursuits

You want to the gain insight and skills to think in a more helpful way, make the self-defined behavioral changes you would like, feel better, and perform at a higher level. 

Cognitive Pursuits

You want to build on the strengths you already have to develop grit, resiliency, growth mindset, purpose, and find flow.  



Hey! I'm Meghan


My goal is to create a space where you can express yourself authentically, seek fulfillment, and feel empowered. I have a passion for partnering with athletes and other high achievers to help meet their self-defined goals and would be honored to be a part of your journey.

I am a Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Cognitive Pursuits. I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, along with Positive Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, & Existential Psychotherapy. Through this framework I help athletes and other high achieving individuals make impactful behavioral changes, gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, and think in a more helpful way, to improve their overall well-being and achieve their mental performance goals.

I received my master's degree in Professional Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania and have specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Beck Institute. I spent the first seven years of my career at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, working with individuals recovering from moderate to severe substance use disorders, primarily opioid use disorder, and co-occurring mental health disorders to reduce harmful behaviors, establish and sustain sobriety, and improve their mental health. I also served in program administration roles as the Lead Patient Navigator of the Opioid Center of Excellence Warm Hand-Off Program and as the Clinical Operations Manager for the Center for Community Substance Abuse Programs. I am currently an Affiliate Professor in the Community & Trauma Counseling Master's Program at Thomas Jefferson University. 

When I launched Cognitive Pursuits, it was because of my own experience as an athlete and a drive to support other athletes looking to both heal and grow simultaneously - which is possible! I was a competitive athlete from a young age and am a former NCAA lacrosse player.  Outside of Cognitive Pursuits, I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, Strong First Elite Instructor, and strength coach.
I thank you for your interest in working with me. I look forward to connecting.

Be well!

Specialties & Approach


Therapy to fit your life

Mental Health & Addiction Counseling

General Mental Health
& Addiction Counseling


Counseling for Athletes & Retired Athletes 

Counseling for
Athletes & High Achieving Professionals 


Online Scheduling

Access quick and easy online scheduling through our confidential, HIPAA compliant Patient Portal.


Virtual Sessions

All sessions are conducted virtually through a secure, HIPPA compliant platform you can access from your own private space.


Personalized Care

Begin by booking a free 15-minute phone consultations to discuss what brings you to therapy and discuss your goals for our work together. Therapy is available weekly, bi-monthly or monthly and I offer free secure messaging between sessions to support your growth.

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Immediate Openings for
New Clients

Book your free 15-minute consultation to explore if Cognitive Pursuits is the right fit for you.

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