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Prioritize your
mental health and self-care

Your mental health matters, at Cognitive Pursuits we will take a collaborative and strength-based approach to create an environment of growth and healing.​



You're worthy of feeling well

I work with individuals that have a range of reasons for coming to therapy.  Many of my clients struggle with addiction, trauma, relationship issues, depression, and anxiety.

I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychotherapy and utilize trauma-focused techniques to help clients make meaning and heal from past experiences, better understand their thoughts, gain insight into themselves and their patterns, work towards self-defined goals, improve the quality of their relationships, and feel better.


Therapy is individualized and personalized to you. You will have space in sessions to discuss your emotions and situations occurring in your life. I also offer semi-structured, evidenced based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions to improve your self-talk and help support the changes you want to make if appropriate for you.  

Through our sessions you will also build skills to support your overall functioning and sustained progress after therapy concludes.

For those seeking recovery from addiction & their family: 

I have extensive experience working with individuals receiving medications for substance use disorders, including but not limited to Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, Methadone, and Medical Marijuana and am happy to collaborate with prescribers to coordinate care with your permission.

You can expect a non-judgmental environment that destigmatizes substance use disorders and your history pursing recovery.  Together we will help you develop a holistic recovery plan that will give you space to heal from the past and the tools to create your own future.

I have experiences treating alcohol, opioid, nicotine, hallucinogen, sedative, cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine, and other stimulant use disorders, as well as eating disorders, exercise addiction, gambling addiction, and other addictive behaviors.  


I also provide therapy to family, friends and significant others of individuals with a substance use or other addictive disorders. My goal is to help family and friends to cope with their own stress and emotions, as well as discuss motivational strategies and effective communication tools to support their loved one in seeking formal treatment.


How it works


Online Scheduling

Access quick and easy online scheduling through our confidential, HIPAA compliant Patient Portal.


Virtual Sessions

All sessions are conducted virtually through a secure, HIPPA compliant platform you can access from your own private space.

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Personalized Care

Begin by booking a free 15-minute phone consultations to discuss what brings you to therapy and discuss your goals for our work together. Therapy is available weekly, bi-monthly or monthly and I offer free secure messaging between sessions to support your growth.


Support is just a session away

Book your free 15-minute consultation to explore if Cognitive Pursuits is the right fit for you.

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