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Align the person and the pursuit

Therapy for athletes and high achieving professionals who would like to improve their mental health & enhance their mental performance to find a greater sense of well-being & achieve their goals.



What is your pursuit?

A Cognitive Behavioral & Existential approach to therapy that aims to facilitate both healing & growth within the context of your self-defined goals. 

Therapy at Cognitive Pursuits may be right for you if you would like to...

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Address your anxiety, depression, substance use, or other mental health concerns in a setting that takes into account the unique context of your athlete or professional lifestyle and goals. 

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Navigate challenges concerning perfectionism, external pressures, comparison, fear of success/failure, mindset, athlete/professional identity, life balance, or team/interpersonal dynamics.

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Cope with and thrive through transitions. For example: return from injury; transition to high school, college or professional athletics; sudden loss of athletic career; professional or career transition; retirement; etc. 

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Define your goals, better manage adversity and stress, as well as optimize your mental performance for high achievement and overall wellness.  


How it works


Online Scheduling

Access quick and easy online scheduling through our confidential, HIPAA compliant Patient Portal.


Virtual Sessions

All sessions are conducted virtually through a secure, HIPPA compliant platform you can access from your own private space.

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Personalized Care

Begin by booking a free 15-minute video consultation to discuss what brings you to therapy and discuss your goals for our work together. Therapy is available weekly, bi-monthly or monthly and I offer free secure messaging between sessions to support your growth.



The 4Ps for Mental Health & Performance

Our comprehensive Cognitive Behavioral, Positive Psychotherapy & Existential approach is rooted in four core domains: 

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Our person centered work is focused on three areas: (1) Personal Strengths & Values; (2) Unhelpful & Maladaptive Patterns; and (3) Formative Experiences & Trauma(s). Though this stage of treatment you will gain insight into your thought patterns, emotions, and the challenges that brought you to therapy, as well as unpack difficult moments from your past and become more connected with your present mind. Through these strategies you will be able to think in a more helpful, adaptive way to decrease emotional distress and help you live in alignment with your values and goals.

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Defining your authentic pursuit is a priority of our approach. We will seek to concretize your self-defined goals across many areas of your life, including athletics, academics, professional, relationships, financial, mental wellness, physical health, etc. We will discuss how your goals align with your values and how you will prioritize them. We will collaboratively develop plans to achieve your goals and to the best of our ability, plan for obstacles. You will also learn new strategies to help you remain resilient in your pursuits.

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As an athlete or professional, you are a part of many overlapping environments each with multiple layers that can have a profound impact on your emotional wellness and performance. We will explore your position in your environment in three phases: (1) Identify "the players", including family, teammates, co-workers, supervisors, mentors, coaches, trainers, friends, communities; (2) Explore the external belief systems, goals, priorities, pressures, and agendas of "the players"; (3) Evaluate your own sense of perceived control within your position.

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In the final domain, you will reflect on your purpose. Looking towards your future, we will explore issues of passion and meaning, as well as acceptance of ambiguity and uncertainty. You will also create plans for how you will continue to improve your mental health and performance after therapy has concluded.


What is your pursuit?

Book your free 15-minute consultation to explore if Cognitive Pursuits is the right fit for you. 

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